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University of Michigan,

Digital Innovation Greenhouse

Website & Web Application

Related Skills: JavaScript, HTML 5, CSS

DIG Site

Project Description

The objective of this  project was to create a small scale website to highlight my skill suite during an interview with the Digital Innovation Greenhouse group at the University of Michigan.  The website required three core components. The first section asked to showcase my proudest achievement. The second providing an overview of a book or article related to software development I read recently, why I liked it, and why it is a must read for others. The third section asked to cover one aspect of the Digital Innovation Greenhouse I really liked, and why.


Finally a coding challenge was provided.  Tasked with writing a web application which contain a form that takes a string as input and output the string, but with the case of every 5th letter switched. For example, in: “Hi, my name is Bob.” out: “Hi, my Name iS Bob.” (Note that the program should count every 5th letter, not all characters.)

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