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I'm Zachary, a Software Engineering Masters's degree candidate at Harvard University's Extension School advised by Stratos Idreos. My research focus is primarily on the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), focusing on how dynamic Behavior Tree Data structures can be utilized to further enhance AI explainability and robot power efficiency. I developed a subsumption based, multi-agent simulation "Valence," extending the work into my present research, entitled "Evolving Reinforced Behavior: - A Darwinian Approach to Adaptive Behavioral Agents”

Prior to studying at Harvard, I received an undergraduate degree from Carleton University's Bachelor of Information Technology, specializing in interactive multimedia and design. I have previously worked as a Research Assistant at Carleton University (on an open-source InMoov project). I also co-authored the successful development of an interactive simulation model for identifying at-risk patients suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder for both internal and external academic use.  Finally, I have contributed to the Theoretical Health Inequality Model (THIM) project at the University of Ottawa, modelling population and demography using Statistics Canada’s Modgen microsimulation tool.

Outside of my academic career, I have worked as a business technology intern at Thomson Reuters, a logistics-flexible fulfillment team member with Target Corporation, and participated in the annual Global Game Jam. I have also volunteered with Community Action Coalition for South Central Wisconsin, ensuring community members have access to warm seasonal clothing.

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