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                Enterprise culture

                Enterprise spirit:Unity, truth-seeking, innovation and competition

                Enterprise tenet:The strong quality, outside the plastic image, rapid development, first-class

                Business philosophy:People-oriented, rigorous innovation

                Management concept:Comprehensive management, integrated assessment

                Enterprise strategy:Aiming at the international forefront of offset press, we do led domestic offset press

                Team spirit:Unite as one, hard, keep pace with The Times, blaze new trails

                Marketing concept:Honesty, quality as the root, service is soul

                Values:Loyal to their duties and factory work, superego, dedicated love

                Moral philosophy:ZunZhangShouJi, law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, professional skin


                Guarantee & quot; Dongya & quot; Printing machine meet the national standards, industry standards or a special quality requirements in the contract, the unqualified products never leaving the factory.

                Products in the user use process, if there is any quality problem after we receive the notice, make a response within a day; Processing site issues, ensure to send in three days technology, service personnel, troubleshooting, first after distinguish responsibility. Do the quality problem is not solved, service personnel don't leave.

                All the year round to provide spare parts, personnel training, installation, debugging and technical advisory services.

                For finished product quality tracking, establish stand-alone quality files, regular users visit and tour services.

                There is no best, only better. Warmly welcome the user quality improvement Suggestions, who make up for adoption, my company shall be rewarded.