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                Trademark printing auxiliary
                YH - 280 bq curing machine
                  Product use:
                  The product is mainly used to all kinds of trademarks, tag, paper printing machine printing UV ink matching UV curing equipment。
                  Product features:
                  1、Real-time monitoring lamp voltage change。
                  2、According to the lamp voltage state exhauster exhaust valve, to ensure the lamp is always in a stable work condition。
                  3、Lamp spectrum stability, adapt to ink varieties wide, long lamp life。
                  4、Light is low room temperature, the paper is not easy to deformation。
                  6、Reasonable design, convenient use, beautiful appearance, but for a variety of printing machine。

                The largest light solid workpiece size 300mm
                Lamp power 3.6KW*1
                Total power 4.1KW
                Overall dimensions 950*530*1380mm
                The weight of the 120kg